You love your job, I’ve let you have that. Let me have this. Why does it have to be all or nothing...?
— Kira in "When I See You"

Writer's notes...

When I See You began as a much different story than the 16 pages that went to camera. It started as a response to some of the LGBT films I had seen over the course of the last few years. As I perused the genre, I began to see similar lesbian love stories pop up, with the passionate beginnings and whirlwind love affairs. All beautiful stories. But I wanted to see what happened after the passionate affair...the middle...the relationship...even the end? 

So after a title change, plot change, protagonist change, and I think about 18 different drafts, When I See You finally felt like a story I could present. It's not perfect by any means, but what I pride myself on is the way this story shows the struggle between two strong, smart, driven, ruthless, loyal women who face a challenge many of us never wish to encounter but yet so often must overcome. It's a story about a relationship that is layered, honest and stubborn and it just so happens to be two women in that relationship. These women ultimately make choices, perhaps choices they regret. But what I wanted to capture was the idea that we must face the consequences of those choices, seize a chance to make amends if we're lucky to get that chance, and accept that no relationship is perfect and we must leave room to learn.

I've left the viewer to decide how to envision the story continuing because I want it to speak to each person individually based on past experiences and perceptions of the film. But also to suggest that relationships, whether it be romantic or friendships, do go on: they start, they end, they grow and they change, perhaps just not in the way we originally planned. Sometimes all we can say is "I'll see you when I see you" and go from there. 

- Claudia Carino

Cinematography notes...

When I See You was filmed on the RED EPIC-W through the brilliant talent of James Ramsay. Completely self taught, James has spent the last 4 years building a well respected reputation as being one of Ottawa's brightest cinematographers. His experience cultivating his aerial videography and photography company shines through in his narrative story telling. With over 20K followers on Instagram, James has made a name for himself in the filmmaking world as a go-getter and encourages his followers to keep learning and "go get it". 

Equipped with the RED EPIC-W, a RONIN Ready rig and several drones, the three day shoot made use of James's skill and finesse to the fullest extent. The RED EPIC-W's ability to capture beautiful colour in low-light settings allowed for a seamless transition from a night shoot to day, as well as indoor to outdoor. Featuring a long, walking one take shot and several other nuanced shots, When I See You was filmed as a collaborative project and is Claudia's and Jame's co-directorial debuts. 

Equipment used:



Ready Rig

Screen Shot 2018-02-21 at 11.01.42 AM.png

Dancing With Her...

We collaborated with an Australian magazine Dancing With Her to not only feature their magazine in the film, but to also add to the storyline of Kira and Bea's relationship. 

The magazine, and its creators Tara and Arlia, celebrate women in love and give women empowerment and inspiration to celebrate their love as all couples should be able to do. The magazine highlights romance/engagement/wedding stories of lesbian couples around the world, and they continue to accept submissions if you'd like to submit your story. As well, the magazine showcases local venues, photographers, designers and everything you'd need to plan your perfect, dream lesbian wedding.

We found the magazine through their Instagram and fell in love with the beautiful images and stories of the featured couples/weddings and thought how great it would be to use this in our film; one more way for women to support women! So we contacted the creators to inquire about the possibility of using their magazine, way back before they even had their first print publication completed, and they graciously agreed to help us out! They shipped a print copy from Australia all the way to us in Canada, before it had time to make it through final edits, just so we could have it in time for our shoot. They assured us that we were some of the first people in the world to have our hands on it! Tara and Arlia were superstars in collaborating with us and we were so blessed and honoured to be able to have their magazine in our film. Please check out their work and we are so thankful to Dancing With Her for being a part of this project.